Medical Malpractice cases we handle in kingsport, tn

While advances in technology and training mean that today's health care providers are better prepared than ever to treat patients, errors and mistakes still occur.

At the Kingsport, TN law firm of Hawkins Bingham & Miller we handle a variety of malpractice cases including:
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Incorrect anesthesia.
  • Labor and delivery injuries
  • Wrong medication
  • Too much medication
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Nursing errors
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Surgical errors
  • Wrong treatment
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Medical malpractice cases were renamed health care liability actions by the Tennessee Legislature in 2011. Regardless of the name, these cases often involve complex and complicated medical and legal issues. At Hawkins Bingham & Miller we have been investigating and prosecuting medical malpractice cases for many years.

We know that winning a settlement or judgment in a medical malpractice case requires a great investment of time and attention to detail. In addition, medical malpractice cases almost always require medical experts to testify about the standard of care.

The Statute of Limitations (time limit) for filing a medical malpractice claim in Tennessee is short – usually one year from the date of the malpractice. There are some exceptions to the one year time limit. (See the discussion on our Frequently Asked Questions page under the question “How long do I have to file my claim or lawsuit?”)

If you believe you have been harmed by medical malpractice, DO NOT DELAY. Call Hawkins Bingham & Miller at 423-246-9100 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

There is no charge for a consultation about your case.