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Asbestos Claims Connected To Employers Of The Tennessee Eastman Company

The Tennessee Eastman Company (Eastman Chemical Company) has long been a part of Kingsport’s history, and is a leader in the global chemical industry. Since the 1920s, the company has employed thousands of people throughout the region. Almost everyone in town has had a family member or knows someone who worked for the company.

For many years at the plant, much of the infrastructure and equipment contained asbestos products. Unfortunately, this means that many employees were exposed to the dangerous substance in the past, and this exposure has resulted in severe health complications for some of these workers. If you or your loved one worked at The Tennessee Eastman Company and is suffering from a serious asbestos related illness such as mesothelioma or lung cancer, you may have claims for compensation.

The law firm of Hawkins Bingham & Miller PC can help you learn if you have a case. These claims are not against Eastman but proceed against the manufacturer of the asbestos-containing products such as insulation used for pipes, valves, flangers, turbines and boilers. Determining the source of the exposure requires working with an experienced attorney who understands the particulars of asbestos cases.

Types Of Employees Who May Be Most At Risk

Because asbestos was so widespread at the plant, many different workers may have come into contact with asbestos each day. The amount and level of exposure may depend upon the work being performed, however, even minimal exposure to asbestos may lead to health problems for employees. Some of the workers who may have claims include:

  • Mechanics and maintenance staff who worked on pipes or other equipment containing asbestos insulation
  • Insulators who had regular contact with insulation at the plant
  • Electricians who had to work around asbestos insulation
  • Sheetrock installers or others working on remodels at the plant
  • Employees who had to clean tanks during repairs
  • Any employees who were nearby when repair or maintenance work was being performed

There are many steps that are necessary to determine if you may have a claim for compensation. These cases are not against Eastman, but rather against the companies that supplied the asbestos-containing material. Determining the source of the exposure can be extremely complicated, and you need an experienced lawyer to review your case.

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