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Does mesothelioma 'just happen' to a lot of women?

When most people think of the victims of mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses, they tend to think of factory workers, shipyard workers and the like -- not ordinary women who were poisoned in their own homes through the use of a common household item. Yet, there are approximately 9,000 lawsuits playing out in courtrooms all over the country, all alleging that Johnson & Johnson put a tainted product in consumers' hands long after they should have known better.

Critics allege that Johnson & Johnson has gone on the counterattack by trying to discredit the claims of many women altogether. The corporate giant's position can best be summed up as, "Well, all of these women with mesothelioma probably got the disease from something other than asbestos exposure in the first place." In other words, all of those women with mesothelioma "just happened" to get the disease.

Safely sharing the road with trucks during the holidays

As the holidays near, there is a greater amount of traffic on the road, including trucks. Unfortunately, this increase can boost the chances of an auto incident.

Sharing the road with trucks can be a little unsettling, but keeping an eye out for certain hazards and signs can aid in keeping you safe. There are a few important hazards to always stay aware of.

Leave the vintage Christmas ornaments in the attic alone

Everybody seems to get slightly nostalgic around the winter holidays. If that sense of nostalgia has you digging through the attic for the family's vintage Christmas decorations, however, you might want to think twice.

There are actually two different potential dangers you can encounter when digging out those old ornaments and wreaths. First, you may have to climb around an old attic that's still packed with insulation that contains asbestos. Second, the holiday decorations themselves might be loaded with asbestos.

Can you sue a nurse-midwife for malpractice?

The use of nurse-midwives has increased in popularity in the United States, but are mothers who trust their lives -- and their babies' lives -- to a nurse-midwife really safe?

There's an alarming lack of regulation in the United States for midwives. Many practice outside the law, against state regulations. Some even flout the authority of the state to stop them -- even when notified in writing that they need to stop practicing. Even those that are licensed by the state are not well-regulated. When mistakes happen and a baby dies, some will simply relinquish their licenses in the state where the death occurred and move on to practice elsewhere.

How to alert medical providers about a drug allergy

An adverse drug reaction can be frustrating or unpleasant for most, but a true drug allergy can be absolutely life-threatening. If you have a serious drug allergy, it's important to carry something on you that will alert medical providers to the issue if you're unable to do it yourself. It could save your life!

These days, you have a number of choices when it comes to providing first responders and hospital doctors with the information they need in an emergency. However, not all of your options may be equally effective.

Why semitruck accidents aren't the same as auto accident claims

Make no mistake: Accidents involving large commercial trucks and semis are vastly different than accidents that only involve passenger vehicles.

The biggest difference, naturally, between a large truck accident and a car accident is that the impact from a truck can be so much stronger. The weight of a large commercial truck (plus its load, if it happens to be carrying one) is vastly greater than that of any passenger vehicle. That's why accidents involving large trucks are far more likely to have serious injuries or deaths than accidents between cars. The more serious the injury, the more complex the resulting personal injury claim is likely to be.

Hospitals faulted for under-reporting medical device issues

Medical devices, whether implanted or used in testing or surgical procedures, usually work as they should. However, those involving adverse events that patients suffer must be reported to the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA disclosed that some hospitals are guilty of reporting lapses that failed to expose serious device-related dangers to patients.

Supplements stay on shelves despite presence of drugs

Supplements, ranging from herbal concoctions to vitamin and mineral replacement therapies, are big business. You can tell that just by walking through the right aisle of any grocery store or pharmacy in the country.

However, a lot of people question if they're really getting what they pay for when they buy them. There have been numerous investigations in the past that have examined the quality, composition and claims of herbal and dietary supplements. As it turns out, people may actually be getting more than they expect in their over-the-counter supplements -- many were contaminated with drugs of one kind or another.

Not just a rash: A dermatological emergency that can kill

Rashes are itchy and annoying, to be sure, but they're not usually an emergency -- unless the rash turns into a condition known as either Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) or toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN).

The difference between the two conditions is essentially the degree of severity -- the amount of the victim's skin that's affected. Both conditions cause the victim's epidermis to blister, peel and detach. If less than 10 percent of the skin detaches, it's considered SJS. If more than 30 percent of the skin detaches, it's considered TEN. Anything in between is considered a mixed state.

Medical malpractice horror story captures national interest

Most of the time, medical malpractice is a civil matter. It takes something truly extraordinary and awful for a physician to wind up in criminal court due to acts of negligence.

That's exactly what happened, however, in a case involving a neurosurgeon who earned the nickname "Dr. Death" from victims and prosecutors alike. A true-crime podcast about the case has recently captured the interest of millions -- perhaps because it showcases just how badly the American medical system can -- and has -- failed its patients at every opportunity.

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