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How weigh stations save lives

Weigh stations annoy truckers -- and are a source of confusion for many drivers. Scattered along the nation's highways, weigh stations are much more than a regulatory inconvenience. They help keep the roadways safe for everyone -- truckers included.

What happens in a weigh station?

Preventing mesothelioma: It's harder than you know

Most people think that asbestos and asbestos exposure is a thing of the past -- but that's far from true. Asbestos products are still allowed in the United States under limited circumstances and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving forward with plans that would allow asbestos to be used in even more new products.

But what's coming into the market is not your most serious concern. Instead, you need to be worried about asbestos dangers that are hidden all around you. Asbestos was so commonly used in American homes and buildings that it's literally just about everywhere you go -- especially in older public buildings, like schools. It could be lurking in those old adhesive tiles on your kitchen floor that your Dad put down years ago, and it could be hiding in the attic insulation or wrapped around the pipes in the basement.

Renting a moving truck? Use these safety tips

It doesn't seem like a deal to rent a U-Haul or some other moving truck -- until you get behind the wheel. Driving a large, heavy truck with all your belongings inside is a serious responsibility. It can also be emotionally and physically taxing -- especially if you've never been behind the wheel of a truck before.

Here are the top safety tips you need to remember before you get on the road:

EpiPens were failing -- and nobody was listening to the patients

Patients with life-threatening allergies to peanuts, latex and other common substances often carry EpiPens for safety. EpiPens are supposed to deliver critical doses of epinephrine in an emergency so that a patient in the middle of an allergy attack could keep breathing.

Unfortunately, sometime in 2013, some patients discovered problems with their devices. The EpiPens weren't working properly. Some of them activated prematurely. Some of them couldn't be activated at all. Some of them arrived with their contents leaking all over the place or the fluid inside strangely discolored. The patients, naturally, complained -- and many contacted the manufacturer directly.

The failure to refer: Is it medical malpractice?

Most family doctors are of the "general practitioner" variety. They're competent when handling a wide array of disorders and diseases, especially managing the sort of illnesses that many people develop through the ordinary process of aging.

But they aren't specialists. Specialists have additional training in their fields and are generally better skilled at addressing the diseases under their purview. When a general practitioner is over his or her head with a specific patient -- or a specific health complaint from a patient -- he or she has an ethical and legal obligation to refer the patient to a specialist when one is available and it's part of the customary practices of the physician's peers to do so.

The relationship between slow loading times and truck accidents

Of all of the possible things that you might imagine contribute to the possibility of a truck accident, would you believe that it's the time a driver spends waiting at the loading dock?

The term "detention time" is used to describe time truck drivers lose while they're waiting for a big rig to be loaded at the shipping facility or unloaded at a receiving facility. The standard industry practice allocates two hours per end for a standard shipment. Any other time spent waiting is detention time.

January brings news of more medication recalls

For anybody taking prescription blood pressure medication these days, there's more bad news regarding recalls. Now, valsartan medications made by Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc. are being voluntarily recalled.

We recently discussed the massive recalls that have been troubling patients who rely on various forms of valsartan. Valsartan is a medication that belongs to a class of drugs that help relax a patient's blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily throughout the patient's body, reducing the intensity at which a patient's heart has to work and their overall blood pressure.

What to know about asbestos and Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a leader in baby products. Millions of families have used the company's baby powder over the years, believing it to be safe. However, a recent report from Reuters showed the company has hidden asbestos in its products for years without the general public knowing. 

This information initially came to light over the summer of 2018 when 22 women filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson. They claimed the company's products resulted in them developing ovarian cancer over the years. As a result of these lawsuits, old documents came to light, causing the brand's stock to plummet and raising fears as to whether people should use Johnson & Johnson products that may contain asbestos

Tennessee patient dies after surgical needle is left behind

Finding out that a medical object was left inside you after a surgical procedure is finished is one of a patient's worst nightmares. While considered a rare event, it should never happen at all.

Unfortunately, a Tennessee family is now grieving the loss of one of its members after a surgical needle was left inside a patient's chest following heart surgery. The patient ultimately died.

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