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Tennessee girls prep school fined for asbestos

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | asbestos, Firm News |

A girls preparatory school in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been fined for the presence of asbestos. The school received its fine from the Tennessee Occupational Health and Safety Administration (TOSHA). The fine comes after an inspection was performed at the Girls Preparatory School (GPS).

A complaint was filed about the condition of the school late in the month of June. TOSHA responded to the complaint and performed an inspection at the school. The complaint was filed by a whistleblower who witnessed employees improperly demolishing items that contained asbestos. The whistleblower also witnessed employees improperly disposing of asbestos-related materials.

Asbestos is supposed to be bagged and not just thrown into a dumpster, which employees were doing improperly. The whistleblower also noted in the complaint that employees were not wearing the proper protective equipment when working with the materials that involved asbestos.

The inspection by TOSHA took place on June 29. Members of TOSHA found violations that they deemed as serious. The fine was not issued to the school until the month of August and it totals $4,800. The fines must be paid to the state of Tennessee. The school has not issued a comment about the inspection or the fines levied for the presence of asbestos and the improper handling and disposal of the asbestos materials.

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