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Asbestos still affects many Americans, even in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | asbestos, Firm News |

Widespread ignorance about the hazards of asbestos is practically obsolete. Nearly everyone now knows that asbestos is a very dangerous material that could lead to fatal illnesses like mesothelioma.

Most people believe that asbestos is 100 percent banned in the United States. In truth, manufacturers still use asbestos in many products. These include:

  • Motor vehicle parts: Clutches, brake pads and gaskets used in all types of automobiles may contain asbestos.
  • Materials used in construction: Plaster, insulation and floor tiles often contain asbestos putting construction workers and homeowners at risk of exposure.
  • Fireproof products: While created to enhance safety, some fireproof materials contain asbestos because it is naturally resistant to fire.
  • Fertilizers: Potting soil and fertilizers containing the mineral vermiculite often contain asbestos fibers as well.

Most of us have had contact with at least one of the products listed above at one time or another. If we do not know that asbestos might be present, it is a good bet that we are not taking safety precautions when handling these products. While not all exposure to asbestos will lead to a devastating illness, we at least have the right to be informed about the material’s presence in the products we purchase.

Regardless of when or how victims encountered asbestos and became ill, they have the right to seek a legal remedy. This aids in paying for medical treatment and enabling victims to continue providing for their families. Our law firm’s website provides many resources and details about asbestos exposure and any subsequent illnesses a victim may suffer. We invite you to visit us online if you’d like to learn more.