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May 2018 Archives

Are mesothelioma and asbestosis the same illness?

Asbestosis and mesothelioma are two separate illnesses that occur because of asbestos exposure. In the 21st century, exposure to the substance remains a problem despite a widespread reduction of asbestos use. As such, many victims develop mesothelioma or asbestosis in the workplace, by living close to a location contaminated with the substance (e.g. Tennessee Eastman Chemical Company) or by coming into contact with another person exposed to asbestos.

Defective medical devices: Stay hopeful in the face of adversity

The task feels enormous and overwhelming: Making large and successful medical device manufacturers pay for harm to patients. These companies have access to a well-padded budget and to big name attorneys. How could ordinary Tennessee residents beat these odds and emerge from a lawsuit successfully?

3 recent FDA recalls of medical devices

You expect medical devices to be safe and beneficial for your health. Doctors and other health care providers use various products to perform procedures and provide treatment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangerous medical products out there. You may sustain an injury or even die because of a faulty object that you expect to be good for you.

Tennessee trooper back to work after horrendous trucking accident

Trucking accidents come in all shapes and sizes. Along with that, they result in all different kinds of harm from property damage to catastrophic personal injury. One Tennessee state trooper is counting his blessings after emerging almost unscathed from a trucking accident that completely destroyed his vehicle.

Dangerous defective drugs that may still be on the market

How important is medication in the modern world? Most people would answer this question by saying that medicine is not just important, it is essential for survival. Antibiotics alone have saved innumerable lives since they first became available. Other drugs have improved the quality of life for almost everyone in the nation at one time or another.

Why it is so important to take action against medical malpractice

An unfortunate part of choosing a law career centered on personal injury is that we see so much pain. At the same time, we feel rewarded when we are able to help victims find closure for the suffering they have endured. In fact, we think most injury attorneys would agree that it makes our career choice even more worthwhile.

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