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Dangerous defective drugs that may still be on the market

On Behalf of | May 14, 2018 | defective drugs, Firm News |

How important is medication in the modern world? Most people would answer this question by saying that medicine is not just important, it is essential for survival. Antibiotics alone have saved innumerable lives since they first became available. Other drugs have improved the quality of life for almost everyone in the nation at one time or another.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for making certain that drugs are safe before going to market. In most cases, the FDA does a good job of regulating medications. However, many dangerous and defective drugs still make their way past the agency and then result in severe harm to patients. Below are a few examples of defective drugs that may still be available for purchase.

Reumofan Plus: This over-the-counter drug alleviates muscle, joint and bone pain. Unfortunately, it can lead to sometimes-fatal gastrointestinal problems and has also been shown to weaken bones. Despite the dangers and an FDA recall, this medicine is still available in some markets.

Accutane: Severe acne sufferers across the nation rejoiced when Accutane was introduced in the 1980s. Sadly, their joy turned to despair when many users began to experience depression and suicidal tendencies. Even worse, the medicine has been linked to spontaneous abortion and other reproductive problems even after its use has ceased. Accutane was discontinued in 2009, but generic versions of the drug are still available.

Actos: Lauded as a “miracle drug” for type 2 diabetes patients, this medication does indeed help sufferers manage diabetes. Unfortunately, it may also cause patients to develop life-threatening medical conditions such as kidney disease, congestive heart failure and bladder cancer. Actos is still available for purchase in the United States.

The main takeaway is to investigate all medications prescribed or recommended to you. Further, taking legal action by fiiling a lawsuit when injured by defective drugs is an effective way of forcing manufacturers to improve research, drug development and overall safety.

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