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Examples of technology that might reduce trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Firm News, trucking accidents |

The trucking industry in America is already huge, and it continues to grow. The industry is so large that there is currently a shortage of qualified truck drivers, according to the Advanced Technology Institute. Because approximately 75 percent of the nation’s communities rely solely on large trucks to deliver goods, this driver shortage is no real surprise.

Clearly, the ongoing demand for goods means that tractor-trailers will continue to use the roads and highways here in Tennessee. In turn, serious and catastrophic trucking accidents will remain a risk for all American residents. What can trucking companies do to reduce trucking accidents? Advanced safety technology might just be the answer. See the next section for examples of this tech.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), adopting the following pieces of large truck safety technology could prevent almost 70,000 trucking accidents each year.

  • Onboard video monitoring technology might prevent up to 63,000 crashes, 293 accident deaths and 17,733 injuries annually.
  • Lane departure warning systems could prevent more than 6,000 accidents, 115 deaths and 1,342 injuries annually.
  • Air disc braking systems might prevent more than 2,400 crashes, 37 deaths and 1,447 injuries annually.
  • Automatic emergency brakes could potentially prevent nearly 5,300 crashes, 55 deaths and 2,753 injuries annually.

Truck crashes with smaller vehicles can lead to devastating injuries. Because it is clear that tractor-trailers will remain on the road for a long time, truck accidents will continue to occur. For victims struggling to manage expensive medical bills and lost wages, a personal injury attorney can fill several roles. One of these is showing you how to acquire the maximum amount of injury compensation.