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How a medical expert can help your malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Firm News, medical malpractice |

Some medical malpractice defendants are so obviously negligent that expert assessment and/or testimony may not be necessary to prove their liability. However, in our experience, medical experts lend strength to malpractice claims filed by residents of Tennessee. An expert may make all the difference in how a legal action concludes.

Once a person injured by medical malpractice tells an attorney his or her story, the attorney may call on a medical expert to evaluate the case. This is often necessary to make certain the victim’s injuries were the result of malpractice.

Perhaps more importantly, a medical expert’s evaluation helps you and your lawyer identify the best strategy to prove negligence occurred. If litigation proceeds, the expert fills another valuable role by providing the court with authoritative testimony supporting your side of the claim. When it comes to choosing an expert witness, attorneys look for attributes such as:

  • High quality education and training
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to discuss health conditions and medical procedures in non-technical language
  • Previous experience as a medical expert in a legal setting
  • Experience with the medical procedures relevant to your case
  • Current practitioner or educator in the applicable medical field

It is not necessary for you to locate a medical expert that will best support your case on your own. Most injury attorneys have developed a large network of such experts to call on when the need arises. Medical experts benefit the legal side of a medical malpractice claim while giving injured victims a boost of extra confidence about their case. Please review our website to learn more about medical negligence.