Top causes of medical malpractice lawsuits

When you get to a medical clinic, you naturally assume that the person who will attend to you has your best interests at heart. To this end, you expect nothing but the best treatment. Unfortunately, this is no longer a guarantee. Medical malpractice cases are unfortunately common.

While little may alleviate the pain, damage and scars, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the health care provider or clinic at fault may offer some reprieve and compensation. The following are some of the medical malpractices that are challengeable in a court of law.

Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis

A delay in diagnosis may cause you to miss treatment. This may further complicate a condition if proper treatment is not offered in good time.

On the other hand, a wrong diagnosis report may lead to incorrect administration of medications. As a result, the underlying condition may worsen. To prove a delayed or incorrect diagnosis, you should demonstrate that your healthcare provider did not uphold proper care standards.

Lack of informed consent

Before surgery, you should have all the details about the procedure and any side effects you are likely to experience. A physician’s failure to provide adequate information on what he or she is doing constitutes a violation of your rights. If an undesirable outcome arises from the procedure or the drugs administered, you may successfully sue.

Surgical errors

These constitute a third of the malpractice cases against healthcare providers. Common surgical errors include:

Conducting surgery on the wrong surgical site or patient
Nerve and organ damage
Use of unsanitary tools
Most of these errors should be preventable if a surgeon exercises appropriate caution when conducting a procedure.

Childbirth injuries

A majority of childbirth injuries occur because of a relaxed safety protocol and failure to pick up problems beforehand. These injuries, unfortunately, can lead to long-term disabilities. Negligence lawsuits for childbirth injuries encompass mistakes from the prenatal care period through to delivery time.

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