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The most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

Going to the doctor is supposed to make you feel better, both emotionally and physically. You schedule an appointment to be seen and hope that the doctor will make a proper diagnosis so that you can be treated accordingly. Here are the most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions of patients in Tennessee and the rest of […]

How speeding causes deadly car accidents in Tennessee

When you are running late or there’s an open highway in front of you, it can be tempting to floor the gas pedal. But speeding puts the driver and everyone else on Kingsport’s roads in danger of a serious, life-changing car accident. Speeding does not get as much media attention as drunk driving or driving […]

What’s the Medical Device Recall Procedure in Tennessee?

Medical device recalls are a serious matter. When a product that’s meant to help people instead causes them harm, it can be devastating. If you or someone you know has been injured by a medical device, it is important to understand the recall procedure. Notifying the vendor or medical center If you are a patient […]

Understanding truck driver fatigue and accidents

There are many causes of truck accidents in Tennessee, but one of the most common is driver fatigue. Although not many people think about it, driving a truck is very tiring work, and many truckers end up causing accidents because of the nature of this job. What leads to truck driver fatigue? One common reason […]

Facts about medication errors in Tennessee

Medication errors are a leading cause of death in America and one of the reasons a significant number of people file for medical malpractice lawsuits. When this kind of mistake happens in a hospital, it often gets traced back to a nurse’s poor judgment or an incorrect order from a doctor, but there are other […]

Facts about medical malpractice in Tennessee

Being a victim of medical malpractice can have lasting consequences. It is important to know how to navigate the claims process, including what you can do if this happens to you or a loved one. If you’re wondering what evidence you need to file a medical malpractice claim, here’s what you should know. What is […]

Damages recoverable for permanent personal injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere. As a resident of Tennessee, you can be injured after a vehicle accident, a fall or even due to someone else’s intentional actions. If your injuries are permanent, you should be able to recover certain types of damages. What are permanent injury claims? You can file a permanent injury claim if […]

Avoid these common mistakes that can cause trucking accidents

According to statistics, passenger vehicles cause the majority of accidents involving large trucks. Becoming a commercial truck driver requires hours of specialized training, including training on sharing the road with passenger vehicles. By contrast, most drivers of passenger vehicles have no training or knowledge about the capabilities and limitations of large trucks. Due to the […]

Determining negligence in a fatal car crash

From a legal standpoint, negligence refers to any inadvertent act that causes harm to another person. For instance, it’s unlikely that a driver who was speeding on a Tennessee highway did so with the intent of harming other motorists. However, that person likely knew that driving too fast for road conditions increased his or her […]

Understand the risks of drowsy driving

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office reports that up to 8,000 fatalities a year result from drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. One in three drivers admit to drowsy driving within the past 30 days, an action that can be just as dangerous as driving while texting or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. […]


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