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defective medical devices Archives

How do warming blowers used during surgery cause infection?

Surgical suites are designed to be clean rooms that minimize the risk of infections developing in a patient's surgery site. Builders create these rooms with a great deal of modern technology. Ventilation systems are an important part of this technology because they direct the flow of air and any bacteria it contains away from the patient's open surgical site.

Defective medical devices: Stay hopeful in the face of adversity

The task feels enormous and overwhelming: Making large and successful medical device manufacturers pay for harm to patients. These companies have access to a well-padded budget and to big name attorneys. How could ordinary Tennessee residents beat these odds and emerge from a lawsuit successfully?

What is the reporting procedure for defective medical devices?

The research and development teams involved in the creation of medical devices put a great amount of work into each project. In turn, it is safe to assume that the manufacturers of these products attempt to ensure they are safe for patient use. Unfortunately, defective medical devices can pass the development and testing phase and still cause injury to residents of Tennessee.

Time limits on lawsuits involving defective medical devices

Despite strict safety standards and exhaustive testing procedures, defective medical devices still injure consumers. While many people may wonder how faulty devices make it past screening procedures, those injured by defective medical devices are more interested in how to remedy their situations.

How drug-coated stents might be defective medical devices

Atherosclerosis is a dangerous condition in which a patient's artery or arteries have narrowed or closed due to plaque accumulation. Physicians typically perform a procedure called angioplasty to correct the condition. This involves inserting a balloon into a patient's artery to clear the blockage.

Active participation required in medical device procedures

Medical device technology is life-saving without a doubt. It is safe to say that this technology has enabled innumerable residents of Tennessee to live longer, healthier lives. However, as we do regarding all medical procedures, we urge you to become an active participant when your doctor asks for your consent to use or implant a medical device.

What are some concerns with product liability cases?

Product liability cases are the result of defective medical devices that either injure or cause illness to patients. Defective medical devices are more common than people think. A patient's condition can become a million times worse if affected by a defective medical device. So, what are some concerns with product liability cases in Kingsport?

Signs your pacemaker is not working properly

Having a pacemaker inserted into your chest cavity is a very stressful time in life. It can happen to just about anyone no matter their age or level of health. It is scary because it means the device is needed to maintain the way your heart pumps. It's quite possible that the pacemaker can fail, even if it is a newer model recently inserted. Here are some signs to be on the lookout for regarding your pacemaker.

Signs your hip replacement device is failing

Hip replacement devices are meant to improve your quality of life, not make it worse. For many, hip replacement surgery does not end well. Not long after going through recovery patients notice issued with their replacement device. Here are the common signs that show possible hip replacement device failure in Tennessee.

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