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EpiPens were failing — and nobody was listening to the patients

Patients with life-threatening allergies to peanuts, latex and other common substances often carry EpiPens for safety. EpiPens are supposed to deliver critical doses of epinephrine in an emergency so that a patient in the middle of an allergy attack could keep breathing. Unfortunately, sometime in 2013, some patients discovered problems with their devices. The EpiPens […]

The failure to refer: Is it medical malpractice?

Most family doctors are of the “general practitioner” variety. They’re competent when handling a wide array of disorders and diseases, especially managing the sort of illnesses that many people develop through the ordinary process of aging. But they aren’t specialists. Specialists have additional training in their fields and are generally better skilled at addressing the […]

January brings news of more medication recalls

For anybody taking prescription blood pressure medication these days, there’s more bad news regarding recalls. Now, valsartan medications made by Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc. are being voluntarily recalled. We recently discussed the massive recalls that have been troubling patients who rely on various forms of valsartan. Valsartan is a medication that belongs to a class […]

Tennessee patient dies after surgical needle is left behind

Finding out that a medical object was left inside you after a surgical procedure is finished is one of a patient’s worst nightmares. While considered a rare event, it should never happen at all. Unfortunately, a Tennessee family is now grieving the loss of one of its members after a surgical needle was left inside […]

The dangers of logging trucks on the road

Logging is a hugely important American industry that is highly dangerous from start to finish. Everyone involved in the process of moving this natural resource from its source to the consumer experiences some significant hazards — including the truckers who are in charge of transporting logs from one place to another. In fact, according to […]

Blood pressure drugs recalled over cancer concerns

Could your blood pressure medication be putting you at risk of cancer? That’s the concern that led to the recall of three common drugs used to treat high blood pressure. After tests indicated that some valsartan medications contained traces of N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), a suspected carcinogen, Mylan Pharmaceuticals has been forced to recall 104 lots of […]

How medical devices with known defects end up on the market

Numerous defective medical devices have been the subject of alerts, warnings and recalls in other countries — probably far more than most people realize. Some medical devices that haven’t performed as well as expected include: A pregnancy test that was recalled in both Australia and the United Kingdom because it was prone to giving false […]

Does mesothelioma ‘just happen’ to a lot of women?

When most people think of the victims of mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses, they tend to think of factory workers, shipyard workers and the like — not ordinary women who were poisoned in their own homes through the use of a common household item. Yet, there are approximately 9,000 lawsuits playing out in courtrooms all […]

Leave the vintage Christmas ornaments in the attic alone

Everybody seems to get slightly nostalgic around the winter holidays. If that sense of nostalgia has you digging through the attic for the family’s vintage Christmas decorations, however, you might want to think twice. There are actually two different potential dangers you can encounter when digging out those old ornaments and wreaths. First, you may […]

Can you sue a nurse-midwife for malpractice?

The use of nurse-midwives has increased in popularity in the United States, but are mothers who trust their lives — and their babies’ lives — to a nurse-midwife really safe? There’s an alarming lack of regulation in the United States for midwives. Many practice outside the law, against state regulations. Some even flout the authority […]


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