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Can you sue a nurse-midwife for malpractice?

The use of nurse-midwives has increased in popularity in the United States, but are mothers who trust their lives — and their babies’ lives — to a nurse-midwife really safe? There’s an alarming lack of regulation in the United States for midwives. Many practice outside the law, against state regulations. Some even flout the authority […]

Supplements stay on shelves despite presence of drugs

Supplements, ranging from herbal concoctions to vitamin and mineral replacement therapies, are big business. You can tell that just by walking through the right aisle of any grocery store or pharmacy in the country. However, a lot of people question if they’re really getting what they pay for when they buy them. There have been […]

Not just a rash: A dermatological emergency that can kill

Rashes are itchy and annoying, to be sure, but they’re not usually an emergency — unless the rash turns into a condition known as either Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) or toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN). The difference between the two conditions is essentially the degree of severity — the amount of the victim’s skin that’s affected. Both […]

Medical malpractice horror story captures national interest

Most of the time, medical malpractice is a civil matter. It takes something truly extraordinary and awful for a physician to wind up in criminal court due to acts of negligence. That’s exactly what happened, however, in a case involving a neurosurgeon who earned the nickname “Dr. Death” from victims and prosecutors alike. A true-crime […]

What is a ‘black box’ warning?

Every drug — whether it’s something as simple as an aspirin for a headache or something as complicated as one of the new biologic medications for certain chronic conditions — comes with its own risks. Some of those risks, however, are certainly greater than others. Drugs that carry the greatest risks are given a “black […]

How do you know if a pain pump is operating correctly?

Pain pumps are usually on recommended for patients who are suffering from intractable pain that hasn’t responded to other forms of control. Pain pumps, or intrathecal implants, can be used for chronic conditions, including those that are terminal. Some of the conditions that pain pumps are used to treat include pain caused by: Cancer Tumor […]

The early symptoms of asbestosis

Asbestos was commonly used in numerous industries, particularly manufacturing and construction, for decades. Many victims of asbestos exposure don’t even realize that they were exposed — until they get sick with an asbestos-related condition. One of those conditions is asbestosis, or pulmonary fibrosis. Slow-to-develop, asbestosis may not begin to show for decades after someone was […]

How can you prevent a pharmacy error?

You may trust your pharmacist, but it’s a mistake to assume that he or she is infallible. Despite all the precautions that are taken, pharmacy errors happen every day, and some of them can be lethal. Even if a medication error isn’t fatal, it can make you very sick. What can you do to help […]

Some crayons are believed to contain asbestos

Protecting their children from illness and injury is a parent’s top priority. This causes parents to worry about everything from playground injuries to an outbreak of influenza. It turns out that parents may also need to add crayons to the list of safety issues for their children. According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group […]

How do warming blowers used during surgery cause infection?

Surgical suites are designed to be clean rooms that minimize the risk of infections developing in a patient’s surgery site. Builders create these rooms with a great deal of modern technology. Ventilation systems are an important part of this technology because they direct the flow of air and any bacteria it contains away from the […]


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