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Certified Civil Trial Specialists Handling Your Trucking Accident Case

Semi-truck accidents are some of the most serious types of crashes happening on our roadways. If you have been injured in a collision involving a tractor-trailer truck or commercial vehicle in Tennessee, you need the assistance of an experienced legal team.

Hawkins Bingham & Miller PC, with offices located in Kingsport, provides skilled and aggressive representation for your injury claim. We are led by attorney David Miller, who is board-certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by The National Board of Trial Advocacy. David has an extensive record of success in accident cases and is ready to help you take the steps necessary to maximize the compensation that may be available to you.

Don’t Let Your Accident Change Your Life Forever

Many of our clients tell us that the accident happened with little to no warning. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now have substantial injuries that require extensive medical care. We investigate the accident to determine any sources of compensation that may be available to you. Factors that may result in trucking accidents include:

  • Drivers who are operating more than federal hour limits
  • Companies that ignore safety rules to meet deadlines
  • Truck drivers who are using cell phones to talk, text or surf the internet while driving
  • Loads that are not secure, and result in trucks rolling over
  • Operators who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding and other traffic violations

Never talk to an insurance company without having a lawyer on your side. Insurers may seem to be nice people who are genuinely concerned about your well-being but know that they are first and foremost out to protect their own bottom line.

When you are seriously injured in a truck accident you will have extensive medical expenses. You may also lose wages. These expenses and losses can ruin your life. We make sure that you are compensated for your expenses and losses, as well as for the pain and disability caused by your injuries.

Your Accident Injury Firm

With millions recovered for past clients in cases throughout the Tri-Cities area, we know how to get results. To schedule a free consultation with our lawyer, please call us at 423-398-6841 or send us an email.

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