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Defective medical devices: Stay hopeful in the face of adversity

The task feels enormous and overwhelming: Making large and successful medical device manufacturers pay for harm to patients. These companies have access to a well-padded budget and to big name attorneys. How could ordinary Tennessee residents beat these odds and emerge from a lawsuit successfully?

We understand these and other issues surrounding lawsuits centered on defective medical devices. Unfortunately, we also understand why victims give up on their hopes of holding responsible parties to account. When a loss occurs, such as the recent loss of a trial against DePuy hip replacements, it becomes even easier to abandon hope and accept the consequences.

We urge you to look at the big picture. Many people who suffered harm by DePuy’s hip replacements have walked away with a satisfactory legal remedy after seeking justice. Courts have awarded several million dollars in damages to injured victims targeting DePuy over the last few years.

These ordinary citizens seeking compensation for their suffering probably wanted to call it quits more than once. By choosing not to give up, they succeeded on two fronts: they got the compensation award they needed, and they helped hold defective medical device manufacturers to account. This is no small feat, especially for average Americans.

While there is no question that hip replacements have given many people a new lease on life, it does not make up for the long-term suffering and pain some replacements can cause. Holding device makers accountable for design, manufacturing or other defects can return a measure of peace to injured victims and prevent future defects. We invite you to learn more on our blog and elsewhere on our website.


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