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Damages recoverable for permanent personal injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere. As a resident of Tennessee, you can be injured after a vehicle accident, a fall or even due to someone else’s intentional actions. If your injuries are permanent, you should be able to recover certain types of damages. What are permanent injury claims? You can file a permanent injury claim if […]

Determining negligence in a fatal car crash

From a legal standpoint, negligence refers to any inadvertent act that causes harm to another person. For instance, it’s unlikely that a driver who was speeding on a Tennessee highway did so with the intent of harming other motorists. However, that person likely knew that driving too fast for road conditions increased his or her […]

3 reasons not to sign a blanket medical authorization

Car accidents are a leading cause of both serious injury and death in the U.S. In fact, roughly 38,000 Americans die and another 4.4 million suffer bodily harm in car crashes every single year. Even though car accidents are common, you may never have been through one. Following an accident, an insurer may try to […]

4 tips for safe driving around commercial vehicles

You will constantly be around commercial vehicles on Tennessee roadways. As part of being a safe driver, it is essential to understand how to drive around these large vehicles. They are not simply just bigger than your vehicle. There are many different aspects of a commercial vehicle that make them perform differently from yours. In […]


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