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What’s the medical device recall procedure in Tennessee?

Medical device recalls are a serious matter. When a product that’s meant to help people instead causes them harm, it can be devastating. If you or someone you know has been injured by a medical device, it is important to understand the recall procedure. Notifying the vendor or medical center If you are a patient […]

Why is the FDA hiding data on defective medical devices?

Do you trust the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to keep you informed about the dangers that crop up with medical devices, products and drugs? You probably shouldn’t. It’s no secret that medical product manufacturers don’t like recalls on their products. They’re public relations nightmares. They’re expensive. They can deeply damage a company’s stock prices […]

Misdiagnosis is the major cause of malpractice involving children

When you’re a parent, you hate it when your child is sick. You turn to a doctor you trust to make sure that your child gets whatever they need to get better. Unfortunately, doctors seem to have a particularly difficult time diagnosing illnesses in young children with accuracy. In fact, the younger the patient, the […]

Could electronic medical records be killing patients?

When you visit your doctor’s office or you end up in the emergency room, do you want the doctor looking at you or a computer screen? Unfortunately, the question is irrelevant for most patients because the computer screen won out when the majority of hospitals and offices moved to electronic health records. They’re supposed to […]

FDA medical device approval process leaves many questions

When a new drug is being prepared for distribution, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) puts it through a rigorous testing process. It’s so rigorous, in fact, that patients and doctors alike complain about how long it can take for a drug that’s widely available overseas to hit the market in the United States. The […]

EpiPens were failing — and nobody was listening to the patients

Patients with life-threatening allergies to peanuts, latex and other common substances often carry EpiPens for safety. EpiPens are supposed to deliver critical doses of epinephrine in an emergency so that a patient in the middle of an allergy attack could keep breathing. Unfortunately, sometime in 2013, some patients discovered problems with their devices. The EpiPens […]

How medical devices with known defects end up on the market

Numerous defective medical devices have been the subject of alerts, warnings and recalls in other countries — probably far more than most people realize. Some medical devices that haven’t performed as well as expected include: A pregnancy test that was recalled in both Australia and the United Kingdom because it was prone to giving false […]

How do you know if a pain pump is operating correctly?

Pain pumps are usually on recommended for patients who are suffering from intractable pain that hasn’t responded to other forms of control. Pain pumps, or intrathecal implants, can be used for chronic conditions, including those that are terminal. Some of the conditions that pain pumps are used to treat include pain caused by: Cancer Tumor […]

How do warming blowers used during surgery cause infection?

Surgical suites are designed to be clean rooms that minimize the risk of infections developing in a patient’s surgery site. Builders create these rooms with a great deal of modern technology. Ventilation systems are an important part of this technology because they direct the flow of air and any bacteria it contains away from the […]

Defective medical devices: Stay hopeful in the face of adversity

The task feels enormous and overwhelming: Making large and successful medical device manufacturers pay for harm to patients. These companies have access to a well-padded budget and to big name attorneys. How could ordinary Tennessee residents beat these odds and emerge from a lawsuit successfully? We understand these and other issues surrounding lawsuits centered on […]


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