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Understanding truck driver fatigue and accidents

There are many causes of truck accidents in Tennessee, but one of the most common is driver fatigue. Although not many people think about it, driving a truck is very tiring work, and many truckers end up causing accidents because of the nature of this job. What leads to truck driver fatigue? One common reason […]

Avoid these common mistakes that can cause trucking accidents

According to statistics, passenger vehicles cause the majority of accidents involving large trucks. Becoming a commercial truck driver requires hours of specialized training, including training on sharing the road with passenger vehicles. By contrast, most drivers of passenger vehicles have no training or knowledge about the capabilities and limitations of large trucks. Due to the […]

The dangers of logging trucks on the road

Logging is a hugely important American industry that is highly dangerous from start to finish. Everyone involved in the process of moving this natural resource from its source to the consumer experiences some significant hazards — including the truckers who are in charge of transporting logs from one place to another. In fact, according to […]


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