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The most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

Going to the doctor is supposed to make you feel better, both emotionally and physically. You schedule an appointment to be seen and hope that the doctor will make a proper diagnosis so that you can be treated accordingly. Here are the most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions of patients in Tennessee and the rest of […]

Facts about medication errors in Tennessee

Medication errors are a leading cause of death in America and one of the reasons a significant number of people file for medical malpractice lawsuits. When this kind of mistake happens in a hospital, it often gets traced back to a nurse’s poor judgment or an incorrect order from a doctor, but there are other […]

Facts about medical malpractice in Tennessee

Being a victim of medical malpractice can have lasting consequences. It is important to know how to navigate the claims process, including what you can do if this happens to you or a loved one. If you’re wondering what evidence you need to file a medical malpractice claim, here’s what you should know. What is […]

The outer limits of medical malpractice: “Never Events”

Tennessee residents may have varied expectations concerning processes and outcomes when they seek medical attention, but they uniformly share one common belief. That is this: The health care professionals they rely upon for guidance and treatment will act competently and be guided by the bedrock medical principle of “do no harm.” That is certainly a […]

Be aware of these types of surgical errors

The medical industry holds some of the most trusted professionals in the nation. People place their lives in the hands of physicians, nurses and surgeons on a daily basis when taken into the operating room to have procedures performed. What people may not realize is that medical professionals are human and make mistakes that may […]

Why your electronic health care records aren’t making you safer

The odds are very high that you haven’t seen a physician with a paper chart in a very long time. Back in 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) pressured physicians and hospitals to adopt electronic health records. The idea was partially to move patient care into the digital age. […]

The failure to refer: Is it medical malpractice?

Most family doctors are of the “general practitioner” variety. They’re competent when handling a wide array of disorders and diseases, especially managing the sort of illnesses that many people develop through the ordinary process of aging. But they aren’t specialists. Specialists have additional training in their fields and are generally better skilled at addressing the […]

Tennessee patient dies after surgical needle is left behind

Finding out that a medical object was left inside you after a surgical procedure is finished is one of a patient’s worst nightmares. While considered a rare event, it should never happen at all. Unfortunately, a Tennessee family is now grieving the loss of one of its members after a surgical needle was left inside […]

Can you sue a nurse-midwife for malpractice?

The use of nurse-midwives has increased in popularity in the United States, but are mothers who trust their lives — and their babies’ lives — to a nurse-midwife really safe? There’s an alarming lack of regulation in the United States for midwives. Many practice outside the law, against state regulations. Some even flout the authority […]

Medical malpractice horror story captures national interest

Most of the time, medical malpractice is a civil matter. It takes something truly extraordinary and awful for a physician to wind up in criminal court due to acts of negligence. That’s exactly what happened, however, in a case involving a neurosurgeon who earned the nickname “Dr. Death” from victims and prosecutors alike. A true-crime […]


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