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Know the signs of workplace asbestos exposure

Exposure to asbestos, which most commonly occurs in the workplace, can lead to serious health problems even decades later. Prior to the 1970s, floor tiles, cement, installation and other building materials typically included this material. If you or a loved one had past asbestos exposure, learn more about asbestosis, a chronic lung disease. Symptoms of […]

Asbestos faces new restrictions under EPA ban

After mounting criticism regarding its asbestos policy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tightened the rules on the importation and use of products containing asbestos in the United States. The new rule stops just short of a complete ban on all asbestos products and is the most restrictive in the EPA’s history. It closes a […]

Supreme Court extends rules on asbestos warnings

What happens when a company makes a product that is, in itself, asbestos-free — but requires a part made from asbestos in order to function? Well, in the past, the people using those products mostly had no idea that they were in danger from the asbestos fibers coming from the added parts. Those people were, […]

Retailer recalls makeup after testing finds asbestos

Many people think that asbestos is only found in older building materials like drywall and insulation. However, it’s been identified in everything from crayons to baby powder. It’s also been found in some makeup products — at least according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This month, the FDA issued a consumer warning […]

Preventing mesothelioma: It’s harder than you know

Most people think that asbestos and asbestos exposure is a thing of the past — but that’s far from true. Asbestos products are still allowed in the United States under limited circumstances and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving forward with plans that would allow asbestos to be used in even more new products. […]

Does mesothelioma ‘just happen’ to a lot of women?

When most people think of the victims of mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses, they tend to think of factory workers, shipyard workers and the like — not ordinary women who were poisoned in their own homes through the use of a common household item. Yet, there are approximately 9,000 lawsuits playing out in courtrooms all […]

Leave the vintage Christmas ornaments in the attic alone

Everybody seems to get slightly nostalgic around the winter holidays. If that sense of nostalgia has you digging through the attic for the family’s vintage Christmas decorations, however, you might want to think twice. There are actually two different potential dangers you can encounter when digging out those old ornaments and wreaths. First, you may […]

The early symptoms of asbestosis

Asbestos was commonly used in numerous industries, particularly manufacturing and construction, for decades. Many victims of asbestos exposure don’t even realize that they were exposed — until they get sick with an asbestos-related condition. One of those conditions is asbestosis, or pulmonary fibrosis. Slow-to-develop, asbestosis may not begin to show for decades after someone was […]

Some crayons are believed to contain asbestos

Protecting their children from illness and injury is a parent’s top priority. This causes parents to worry about everything from playground injuries to an outbreak of influenza. It turns out that parents may also need to add crayons to the list of safety issues for their children. According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group […]

Secondary asbestos exposure could be the cause of your illness

Many Tennessee residents who are sick with mesothelioma or asbestosis might not know how they became ill. Secondary exposure to asbestos fibers can cause people to become ill even though they might never have worked around this material. This is especially so in older citizens who suffered secondary exposure before the dangers of asbestos became […]


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