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Avoid these common mistakes that can cause trucking accidents

According to statistics, passenger vehicles cause the majority of accidents involving large trucks. Becoming a commercial truck driver requires hours of specialized training, including training on sharing the road with passenger vehicles. By contrast, most drivers of passenger vehicles have no training or knowledge about the capabilities and limitations of large trucks.

Due to the sheer size and weight of large trucks, truck accidents tend to be more deadly and cause more extensive property damage than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. Fortunately, drivers of passenger vehicles can take precautions to reduce the likelihood of a truck accident.

Avoid the “No Zone”

The “No Zone” is a term created by the trucking industry to refer to the areas behind and on either side of a large truck where the driver has no visibility. A good rule of thumb for other drivers is to look at the truck’s side mirror. If the driver of a car cannot see the truck driver’s face in that mirror, the truck driver cannot see the car.

Be aware of trucks’ limitations

Commercial trucks are slow to take off. In heavy traffic, this often creates gaps in front of big trucks that are enticing for passenger cars. However, big trucks are also slower to stop. Slamming the brakes in a large truck can cause the truck to jackknife. Passenger cars should use care when merging in front of large trucks and avoid executing sudden lane changes that could cut off a large truck.

Other passenger vehicle moves that often cause truck accidents include turning in front of a truck, driving between trucks, and failing to leave enough headway when passing.


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