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Stay alert about the latest potentially defective drugs

A large part of the way we serve residents of Kingsport involves staying up-to-date about any potential news that might affect our fellow Tennesseans. We use all of our resources to uncover this information so that we are already prepared to help those in need who make contact with our staff. One area we look at regularly is the latest information about defective drugs.

The demand for medication that improves and/or extends life for people suffering from illnesses and injuries may be higher than ever. Drug manufacturers respond to this demand as efficiently as possible. As such, most new and existing drugs are reasonably free from dangerous defects. However, some medicines slip through the cracks and may cause injury to patients.

One of the biggest problems associated with defective drugs is the lack of widespread awareness. Sometimes news about potentially dangerous drugs is not made public on a large scale, despite having attracted the attention of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We want you to know that you can search for the latest news about defective drugs on your own by using the tools on the FDA’s website.

This can alert you to any potential problem with the medications you take and it may explain any unusual symptoms you have recently experienced. If you or a loved one is suffering and you don’t know why, dangerous medications may turn out to be the cause. In turn, this knowledge helps you make an informed decision about the need to consider a legal remedy for your suffering.

The FDA is not the only resource that can offer you authoritative news about drug safety. Injury lawyers are also prepared to field any inquiries or concerns you may have about defective drugs. The good news is that you have the right to hold manufacturers responsible for your injuries in a legal setting. Find out how by visiting our website.


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