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Secondary asbestos exposure could be the cause of your illness

Many Tennessee residents who are sick with mesothelioma or asbestosis might not know how they became ill. Secondary exposure to asbestos fibers can cause people to become ill even though they might never have worked around this material. This is especially so in older citizens who suffered secondary exposure before the dangers of asbestos became well known.

Secondary exposure to asbestos can occur in several ways. For example, those who worked in or near shipyards, yet did not handle asbestos could suffer exposure indirectly. This exposure occurred because asbestos was used widely in the construction of marine vessels.

Another way secondary exposure occurred in the past and still might occur is through people who work with it. For example, asbestos workers often carried the substance home with them, where it spread to spouses and children. Family members who handled the worker’s soiled clothing probably encountered a large volume of asbestos fibers and dust. Children may have picked up asbestos particles from a parent’s hair, skin or clothing. All of these indirect encounters with the material can lead to severe illness.

One of the most disturbing aspects of both direct and secondary exposure is that it can take years or decades for an asbestos illness to manifest. By the time patients receive a diagnosis, their quality of life has already diminished significantly, and they have accrued massive medical bills. For these sickened residents, filing a successful legal claim might be the only way to continue paying for healthcare and improving the way they live.

Learning more about the legal remedies available for victims can help sick Kingsport residents cope with their illness. We have devoted a portion of our website to asbestos education. We urge you to browse our resources if you or a loved one suffers from an asbestos-related condition.


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