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Tennessee authorities concerned about fake Percocet pills

There are frequent news reports about the opioid problem in this country and the ability of addicts to obtain drugs like heroin. There are also many kinds of fake drugs available on the street, and in Tennessee, one of those is the counterfeit version of Percocet.

About the real pill

Percocet is a painkiller composed of acetaminophen and oxycodone, a narcotic. The former increases the potency of the latter, making it more effective for mild to severe pain. It should not be taken after drinking alcohol or taking tranquilizers since it can slow or stop your breathing.

The counterfeit pill

A fake Percocet pill looks very much like the real thing, but the ingredients are potentially fatal. In the summer of 2016, special agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began warning the public about the pills, which are made in secret labs and sold on the street. TBI forensic scientists are tasked with the duty of testing such pills in which deadly ingredients are sometimes discovered.

Other concerns

While news reports highlight the opioid crisis in states like New Hampshire, authorities have become increasingly concerned about the availability of various types of fake drugs that can be made to look just like real prescription drugs. In May 2015, during a traffic stop, law enforcement confiscated pills that appeared to be oxycodone. However, when tested, the counterfeit pills were found to contain fentanyl. This is a type of painkiller that is 50 times as potent as heroin and can cause death when taken in high doses.

A word of caution

Addicts are always on the lookout for cheap painkillers, and they are increasingly able to buy them on the street in Tennessee. An experienced attorney will tell you it is not inconceivable for counterfeit drugs to find their way into the hands of patients who need certain types of medication. However, various issues can arise from the misuse of Percocet and other “real” drugs. For example, there are always side effects attached, some of which can be very serious, possibly resulting in lawsuits against drug manufacturers, doctors or pharmacists.


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